Early Career Members

Early Career Members

Early Careers Representative: Dan Evans


This forum is a platform for student members to communicate within the early career member community. We hope this will form an open dialogue between student members, enhancing communication and creating an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of the student cohort. So, please feel free to post your soil related interests/publications/conference attendance/grants awarded/ events/advice etc. We look forward to reading them!

Your ideas and help are always welcome- we would like to know how you think the society should evolve for students or if you would like to get involved please comment here or contact Dan directly.  

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Looking back on March: An Update from Dan

Happy Springtime everyone,

Tunnelling a passageway through the soil, furnishing our beds and borders with elegance and vitality is a floral promise. A promise of longer days, and lighter evenings; a promise to banish the clouds and cast off the rain. This promise, once dormant under thick clods of earth, now stands tall and dainty; a yellow delicacy swaying to the music of Springtime...

Looking back on January: An Update from Dan

Hello everyone,

It feels like just a few days ago that I sat down and wrote my New Year’s ReSOILutions. However, a month has passed already! There’s already a fine film of dust over the Christmas baubles and though we gaze out onto frosty mornings with dreams of summer, we realize that Spring – that season of hope and renewal – will be around soon enough. I hope you’ve had a wonderful January.

Social Gathering after Annual Meeting - December

Dear student members,

I am looking to arrange an informal gathering either on the evening of the annual meeting, or the evening before - or both! The meeting begins at 10.30am and will finish at 7pm.

So if you are stuck in London on either of those two evenings and would like something to do and catch up with your fellow ECR's then PLEASE EMAIL me at student@soils.org.uk and we will get a meeting point arranged for dinner, drinks, whatever you want! You can also contact me on Twitter if that helps - @AshG_SeedSoil.

Meet a soil scientist at Open Farm Sunday - members needed!

Meet a soil scientist at Open Farm Sunday!

The Society is looking for members to team up with farmers this year for Open Farm Sunday (OFS) to bring soil science to the farm. OFS is an annual open doors, family friendly event for the general public to find out about food and farming. The event is on Sunday 11 June 2017 and participating farms are listed on the OFS website https://farmsunday.org/


Good afternoon everyone,

This is a reminder that the deadline for you to submit your abstract and complete your registration is next week -TUESDAY 31st! Template and info can be found here >>> http://soils.org.uk/event/1051

So far, the response to the abstract call has been amazing and has attracted lots of new members.

Any last minute questions? Email us at student@soils.org.uk or events@soils.org.uk