Congress Programme

The Congress will be structured around the division, Commission and Working Group structures of the International Union of Soil Sciences with the intention of using the most innovative technologies and sessions with short presentations allowing more scope for debate and discussion. Three days are planned for the scientific programme. The sessions will also be relevant to topical issues such as the development and outcomes from the Global Soil Partnership and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Congress will also demonstrate the wider cultural significance of soils through the use of art, in food production and in education. The Society aims to partner with farmers, the food industry, art galleries, the Glasgow Science Centre and BBC Scotland to achieve these aims. These connections will also be demonstrated in the Congress dinner (including Scotch Whisky!)

It may be obvious but soil actually occurs outdoors, and pre- and post- Congress tours are planned both in the United Kingdom and, depending on demand, with some of our European neighbours such as Iceland, Ireland and the Netherlands. These tours will not only include soils interest but touch on the fascinating historical and cultural elements of different parts of Europe.

The organisation and delivery of the Congress will involve working with many organisations across the United Kingdom; we have a long and proud history in soil science and we are keen to share this experience with our delegates.