Grant Report: European Geosciences Union 2014

7th May 2014

I recently received £500 from the British Society of Soil Science, which I used to attend the European Geosciences Union 2014 Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria. I gave an oral presentation entitled ‘Land-use change for bioenergy crop production in Britain: carbon sequestered in soil or lost in transition?’. This was a highly rewarding experience and a good opportunity for me to disseminate some of the results from my PhD project and to receive feedback from experts in the field, who I was able to engage with in further discussion following the session. I was able to learn from the work of others also examining the effects of different land-use changes on soil carbon stocks with who I tried to promote a better understanding of bioenergy crops within this context. There were many oral and poster sessions of great general interest as well as those of more direct relevance to my field. I feel that I have a greater appreciation for the work being carried out in many different areas of the soil science discipline and how these fit together. EGU brings together a diverse range of experts which provides a unique opportunity to engage and network with potential future employers. I feel that I benefitted from this experience by meeting new people and learning about the work they do in related areas. Overall I think I benefitted most by leaving the conference feeling inspired to complete my PhD thesis as best I can and to pursue the subject area of most interest to me. Thank you again for the funding to attend this conference.

Gary McClean