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Dear Student Members,

Hope you’re all well!

The BSSS 2017 Annual Meeting is fast approaching, taking place on the 5th December at the Royal College of Physicians, in London. Not only does it fall on World Soil Day, but two years since the launch of the ‘4 per mill’ initiative at the Paris COP21 conference.

The ‘4 per mil’ or ‘4 per 1000’ initiative aims to annually increase the global soil organic carbon stock by 0.4% per year. As you may know, it’s far from controversy within Soil Science, and it has already sparked mixed reaction. This year, the BSSS Annual Meeting will host presentations and a debate on what the ‘4 per mil’ initiative means for UK soils. Student members are especially encouraged to take part in what will be a lively debate!

To allow the debate to run smoothly (as well as lively), the society would like to hear some of your thoughts and questions about the initiative, in advance. Can it be achieved and if so, how? If not, why not? How can it be translated into meaningful and effective policy? What do we need to do to achieve this?

Although it’s short notice, I’d really like to collate your questions and thoughts by Tuesday 28th November. Even if you can’t make the event, please do send me your thoughts and questions so that there’s as much representation of the ECR community as possible. You don’t need to add your name or organization if you don’t want to, and it’s fine to be very contentious. Remember, the livelier the debate the better!

Please email them to me at You can also find more information about the event here:

I am also looking to arrange an informal gathering either on the evening of the annual meeting, or the evening before - or both! The meeting begins at 10.30am and will finish at 7pm.
So if you are stuck in London on either of those two evenings and would like something to do and catch up with your fellow ECR's then PLEASE EMAIL me at and we will get a meeting point arranged for dinner, drinks, whatever you want! You can also contact me on Twitter if that helps - @AshG_SeedSoil.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Student Representative