2018 Annual Conference "Soils and Sustainable Development Goals"

The 2018 Annual Conference was held over two days at Lancaster University on 4th and 5th September with 100 delegates registering to attend.

The conference was a mixture of oral and poster presentations plus keynote speakers and on day 2 there was a panel discussion centred around the presentations that had been given throughout the conference.

The presentations were filmed on the first day of the conference and these are now available to view on the Society Youtube channel or by clicking on the names nelow;

Day 1

The Russell Lecture "Soils and Food Security: A Management Conundrum" Professor Cheryl Palm

Sustainable soils and food: Modelling the long-term effects of agriculture and land-use change on soil biogeochemistry Victoria Janes-Bassett Presentation Slides

Integration of biochar and diverse bioenergy crops into SE Asian agriculture Dafydd Elias Presentation Slides

Dry spectroscopic analysis of soil and crop material for high-throughput GeoPhenomics - linking crop fertiliser uptake to soil properties Dr Cathy Thomas Presentation Slides

Developing a research platform for improving ecological and economic performance of small holder coffee agroforestry systems in Java, Indonesia Dr Rebecca Rowe Presentation Slides

Keynote presentation "Soil, micronutrients and the link to human health" Professor Steve McGrath

Peatland restoration in Scotland - Connecting people and nature Dr Patricia Bruneau Presentation Slides

Socio-ecological resilience to soil erosion in northern Tanzania: an interdisciplinary approach Maarten Wynants Presentation Slides

Adding Value to Ash and Digestate (AVAnD) to RECIRCULATE - soil highlights of applying anaerobic digestate to land Dr Alfonso Lag-Brotons Presentation Slides

Soil structural conditions and soil management guidelines for horticultural cropping systems Dr Paul Newell Price Presentation Slides

Day 2 (Slides only available)

Keynote presentation "Soil, Water, Phosphorus and the Sustainable Development Goals" Professsor Phil Haygarth

Exploiting the potential of crop genotype selection to optimize root-soil interactions for sustainable agriculture Lumbani Mwafulirwa

Soil risks to water - Interpreted soils data for policy makers, agencies and farmers Nikki Baggeley

Illuminating the soil black box: high-throughput sequencing reveals novel ecological patterns in the soil biosphere Paul George

Soil and Robots:  Autonomous systems for ‘on the go’ soil monitoring Iain Gould

Impact of land-use-change from forest to oil palm plantations on soil greenhouse gas emissions Julia Drewer

Soil bacteria and fungi respond differently to realistic climate change manipulations over time Fiona Seaton

Snow cover and carbon pools in mountain ecosystems Rosanne Broyd

A few photographs from the 2018 Annual Conference can be viewed here