Funding opportunity: £1.5m for Sustainable Agriculture

7th August 2017

SARIC Third Call: £1.5m available from BBSRC and NERC to support sustainable agriculture

BBSRC and NERC invite applications to attend an interactive strategic workshop (Sandpit) to develop proposals for research and research translation projects. Successful projects will bring together multidisciplinary teams to address challenges facing the sustainable intensification of agriculture in the UK.

CALL FOR PAPERS - Soil Improvement: Impact of Management Practices on Soil Function and Quality

1st August 2017

Two day conference: 22 May - 23 May 2018

Soil functions and agricultural productivity are closely linked. The application of soil improving techniques is crucial to maintain soil functions, long-term productivity and the broad range ecosystem services provided by soils. these techniques include tillage, crop diversity, crop management, cover crops and the use of organic amendments.