Understanding the soil underfoot: a soil science training school for postgraduate researchers

This event is now over.

March 3 — March 7

Lancaster University

The Society in collaboration with the Natural Environment Research Council, Lancaster University and the James Hutton Institute will be hosting a 5 day intensive residential foundation soil science 'Summer School'.  Further details will appear shortly.


The training school is an intense 5-day residential programme for ambitious and energetic students. The course is specifically designed for students who are striving to improve both their knowledge and skills in soil science and who are keen to develop skills in the dissemination of this knowledge through the production of short educational videos. 

Students completing the training school will:

  • Obtain a critical understanding of functional soil science, from the fundamentals to the forefront.
  • Develop science communication skills to a wide array of differing audiences
  • Gain certificatation by the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists  through completion of the “Working with soils: Foundation skills in Soil Science”modules 1 and 2.

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